Grassroots Marketing Services

We can help your whole marketing activity such as developing distribution channel of your products and services in Africa by using expertise on our Kiosk business model in off-grid areas in Kenya and Tanzania. Through conducting our Kiosk business called WASSHA, we have been familiar with the consumer insight, so we have the best ways to approach to your targets and advertise your products efficiently in off-grid areas. Your business can achieve success in Africa with us.

  • Sales Promotion

    [画像] We carry out various ways of promotion activities to improve sales and brand awareness.
    • Sales promotion plan
      ・On-line and Off-line promotion
      ・Sales promotion material
    • Printing materials
      ・Novelty items (such as T-shirt)
  • Test Marketing

    [画像] We distribute your products to the market and report sales results.
    • Develop sales channels
    • Produce packages in local languages
    • Analyze and report sales results
  • Marketing Research

    [画像] We research: there are enough needs and demands? Who is your target? Which price range is best ?, etc.
    • Consumers Questionnaire
      Surveys segmented into age, sex, and region among
      other things. We help you from survey blueprint to report.
    • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Design & Print

    [画像] We plan local marketing communication and then manage and supervise from design to print.
    • Design communication plan in local language
    • Quality control at local printing factories
  • [business model]
    We plan to develop our business called WASSHA to 500 Kiosks. We will communicate with our customers via SMS and Internet connection, and get quick response from them. The quick responses will enable our business to develop widely and rapidly. Given one Kiosk can get customers from 100 households, we can approach about 50000 households. Moreover, given one family has three members who are able to contact via SMS, we can get a list of 150,000 people.

Japanese staff living in Africa help you

  • Satoshi AKITAChief Executive Officer
    Satoshi has worked for a consulting firm in Japan and has been engaged in launching new businesses for Japanese companies. After that, he founded a NPO and promoted the advance of Japanese companies into developing countries.
  • Tatsuki YONEDAChief Operating Officer
    Tatsuki has been in charge of overseas sales and marketing for Asian market and corporate strategy. After that, he worked for a consulting firm and has been engaged in various projects such as new business strategy and international strategy for Japanese manufacturing industry.
  • Tanzanian staff Tanzanian staff who can speak both English and Swahili also help you.
  • Local cooperative companies Research firm, ATL・BTL advertising agency, and Print company, etc.