Power to the people

Power to the people


The future WASSHA wants to realize

Diversified World Prosperity

The world which is more ambiguos and has a diversity of development

When we talk about the world, we devide countries into developed countries and developing countries. WASSHA wants to create the world which doesn’t have clear distinction and more ambiguos. The countries calld “developing countries” don’t need to be like Japan or the USA. The world in which people don’t care about moving forward or falling behind. By leveraging innovation made in the world, by mingling values which locals have cheered, around the world we create the world which people can realize a diversity of development.


WASSHA's Mission

Power to the people

Empower people by business solving social issues

To realize the veiw of the world aimed for, we need to solve social issues still left in the world. Through business we solve bigger issues faster than anyone else, As business we make a big profit, As a team? A organization? We grow together and face to solve bigger issues. Through such process, we empower customers, partners and the people related to our company

Shared Values

Values WASSHA members cherish

Speed matters

Speed is our priority, excuting the mission through the fastest way

Go field

Putting locals and our customers first

Go the extra mile

Always aiming for a destination and a goal further and higher

Jump together

Growing together, Japan and Africa as one team



  • CEO

    Satoshi Akita

  • CSO

    Yuki Ueta

  • Director

    Ayu Yamaguchi

  • Director

    Masahiro Shimizu

  • Member

    Yuto Kuroda


  • COO
    Tatsuki Yoneda
  • GM
    Grace Galinoma
  • HOO
    Ally Tambala
  • SCM Manager
    Yuko Okamoto
  • Member
    Sho Nakata
  • Quality Assurance
    Isack Kazembe
  • South Group Leader
    Owdeni Mwakalasya
  • Coast Group Leader
    Gloria Bazira
  • Central Group Leader
    Fredrick Andulile
  • ISO Team Leader
    Michael Mng’anya
  • ACT Team Leader
    Hamadi Yateri
  • SCM Team Leader
    Anthony Frahisha


Tokyo Office

There are no jobs.


company name wassha inc.
date of establishment Nov/28/2013
President and CEO CEO Akita Satoshi
business 1. Energy As a Services (EaaS) business
Offering electronic services using IoT technology to the people in off-grid communities
2. E commerce business
Marketing peomotion service delivering products/services to even a depth of rual area by using KIOSK (retail stores) network built through EaaS business.
3. Other new business
New business development using KIOSK network, the network of local human resorces, local network and so on.
business bases Head office (Bunkyo, Tokyo)
Tanzania office (Dar es Salaam, the republic of Tanzania)
numbers of employees 160 employees (Japanese 11 employees, Tanzanian 149 employees. As of October, 2019)



305 University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza r7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo,Tokyo


Derm plaza 4F, Plot 18, Block45A, New Bagamoyo Road, Kijitonyama,
Dar es Salaam, P.O.Box.33452, TANZANIA